Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bennett, Gaudreau and Monahan: Be Excited About the Flames Bright Future

These are exciting times for the Calgary Flames organization and my message to all those long-suffering fans is enjoy it, damn it.

I mean my goodness, how long have hockey fans in this city been starving for a fresh, new group of young stars to cheer for wearing the Flaming 'C'? Actually, never mind a "group", how long had the residents of Flames Nation waited for just one new star before Sean Monahan burst onto the scene last season and with 22 goals, made an immediate impact.

I suppose you could count Dion Phaneuf in there but if you're talking strictly about a young, dynamic, game-changing star forward, the wait has pretty much been since the arrival of 18-year-old Jarome Iginla and he's 37 now. So, yes, it has been a while.

Greg Nemisz? Miss. Kris Chucko? Miss. Eric Nystrom and Chuck Kobasew? Hardly the definition of a star. Oleg Saprykin? Nope. Rico Fata and Daniel Tkaczuk? Uh-uh.

But these times, they are a changing, and thank goodness for that.

This past week in consecutive games at the Scotiabank Saddledome, the Calgary Flames unveiled for the first time on home ice their two newest, shiniest and most prized possessions. Last Sunday, it was left-winger Johnny Gaudreau. On Thursday, it was 2014 fourth overall pick Sam Bennett.

Both Came as Advertised

Gaudreau, despite looking a little nervous, showed plenty of glimpses of what he can do. We've seen him on the ice quite a bit now -- through his time in Boston College, his NHL debut last year in Vancouver, his prowess at the IIHF World Championships, the Young Stars tournament and now here in the pre-season. While granted, there are stiffer tests still to come, the question in my mind is no longer can Gaudreau make it to the NHL, it's now just a matter of when. His skill set is just way, way too good.

"With the puck, it's the same whether he plays in rookie camp or college or at the NHL level, he has that ability with just a little head fake or shoulder fake that he's doing to push off defenders and suddenly he has 10-15 feet in front of him that wasn't there two seconds before," Hartley said after his home-ice debut against Edmonton. "You can't teach this. This is a gift and he has it. Very poised, very patient with the puck."

Meanwhile, all Bennett did against Vancouver was fire a ridiculous seven shots on goal, hit a goal post, and stand out all evening.

"Tonight, it's very simple, he was our best forward," said Hartley after Thursday's game. "He was exciting, he was on the puck, he was creating lots of chances. It's only his first game but it's quite a good impression."

Hartley wasn't done yet either.

"Sam is skating as fast — with or without the puck — and there are very few players that can do this. His sense for the puck and how creative he is, it's just unbelievable. He's fast in tight areas like I rarely see with any young players."

Add in Monahan and after so many years without hardly any prospects to be even mildly enthusiastic about, Calgary suddenly has a three-pack of enormous talents at forward -- all of whom gush raw skill, and all of whom are age 21 or younger. Just step back for a moment and consider how vastly the landscape and the future outlook for this team has suddenly changed in the past 15 months. It really is phenomenal.

These three are easily the most talented group of young forwards the Flames have assembled in over two-and-a-half decades and that even factor in a bunch of others that are right there as well like the very talented Markus Granlund, 21, who does a ton of things well and looks NHL-ready, or Sven Baertschi, just turning 22, who still has an ocean-sized upside and is showing signs that he's rejuvenated and his game has become more well-rounded. Oh yeah, then there's those other two 2013 first rounders -- 19-year-old Emile Poirier, who had 53 goals last year between the AHL and QMJHL and talented Calgary-born sniper Morgan Klimchuk, who has plenty of promise. Wow, what an assortment of riches

Unadulterated Excitement is Warranted

So yes, Flames fans, it's absolutely OK to be giddy these days. Be pumped, be fired up, be ecstatic. Revel in the talent Calgary is putting on the ice this September and feel no need to apologize for doing so.

Smile, brag, embrace it, wring your hands in anticipation of what the future holds. Spend all day on YouTube watching and re-watching the best of Gaudreau. Go to the Flames website and re-watch the highlights from Bennett's debut. Daydream about the return of the Red Mile, hockey in May, and seeing Flames car flags everywhere. Go and buy a No. 23, 53 or 63 jersey -- or save yourself the cost of a seamstress later and in the case of the latter two, go straight to No. 13 or Doug Gilmour's old No. 39. (Seriously, was it just co-incidence that this number wasn't issued to anyone during training camp while others around it -- 38, 40, 41, 42, all were?)

And for those descendents of Debbie Downer out there, who try and tell you to simmer down, temper your expectations, curb your enthusiasm, you just snub your nose at them. Let's be honest, these are the same people that go to the ice cream shop with over 100 flavours and order a vanilla cone. These are the types of folks, who when renting a car, would turn down the offer of a free upgrade to a Mustang convertible because it's not 'practical'.

The bottom line is Monahan has already arrived and just continues to get better. If anyone is still skeptical about Gaudreau, they haven't been paying very close attention. And you can see plain as day when you watch him play that Bennett is as 100 percent legit as they come.

Looking Back Historically

What does the immediate future hold for Bennett? Time will tell but I'd still be surprised if he doesn't eventually return to the OHL's Kingston Frontenacs for one more season of junior. What about for Gaudreau? He could very well start the year in Calgary or maybe he comes up later on after excelling in the AHL for a couple months. Again, it's still too early in training camp to say.

However, looking ahead to next season, there is no doubt in my mind that all three will be fixtures in Calgary's line-up and it is on this premise that I look at how the three of them in 2015-16 will compare historically with past young forward trios the Flames have deployed. The criteria: It must be a group of three forwards minimum, who were all age 23-or-younger. 

As you salivate in anticipation of the day in the not-so-distant future when the current 'big three' are all in the Flames line-up together, let's reflect on how far the team has come. Sometimes to fully appreciate what you have, you need to remember back to what you didn't have.

As you reminisce, remember that these are the best comparables from over the past 34 years. Not listed are all those forgettable years in which young talent at forward for Calgary was minimal, bordering on non-existent. Do you remember 2008-09? That year, your 'big three' forward prospects would have been Brett Sutter, Kris Chucko and Dustin Boyd. Or 1993-94? That year, future hope rested with Sandy McCarthy, Robert Reichel and Wes Walz.

  • C Sam Bennett, 19
  • C Sean Monahan, 21
  • LW Johnny Gaudreau, 22

  • C Matthew Lombardi, 21
  • RW Chuck Kobasew, 21
  • LW Oleg Saprykin, 22

  • RW Jarome Iginla, 22
  • C Marc Savard. 22
  • C Jason Wiemer, 23

  • RW Jarome Iginla, 20
  • C Cory Stillman, 23
  • RW Valeri Bure, 23

  • RW Theoren Fleury, 20
  • C Joe Nieuwendyk, 22
  • LW Gary Roberts, 22

  • C Joe Nieuwendyk, 21
  • LW Gary Roberts, 21
  • RW Brett Hull, 23

  • C Dan Quinn, 19
  • LW Richard Kromm, 20
  • C Carey Wilson, 22

  • C Dan Quinn, 18
  • C Jim Peplinski, 23
  • RW Hakan Loob, 23

In Conclusion

I think we can all agree that other than those years with Joe Nieuwendyk, Gary Roberts and either Brett Hull or Theoren Fleury, the Bennett-Monahan-Gaudreau trio is the most promising forward group Calgary has ever had. Considering how those Flames teams in the late 80s fared in terms of win-loss record and post-season appearances -- including winning one Stanley Cup, a return to perennially being a playoff contender once again cannot be that far away given the solid foundation Calgary has in these three character kids.

Organizationally, does the line-up still have holes? Absolutely. Will the Flames be a Stanley Cup favourite starting next season? Absolutely not. Defence depth is still a concern and who Calgary's goaltender of the future is, is still very much an unknown.

However, having a nucleus of highly skilled, huge-upside forwards like this -- at such a young age, is not something we've seen very often since Calgary got an NHL team. So, celebrate it and just enjoy it for what it is -- and that is a terrific start and a real exciting and promising first step towards what could eventually be a return to glory for this proud franchise.


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  1. Look. I am excited. I am very satisfied. I am also very patient and unlike everyone I know in Calgary, will wait for the talent to rise to the top. The problem is, making comparisons with unproven talent looks bad on you. Just relax, pay attention to a real talent cycle and hope get lucky. I doubt all three will ever come lay a meaningful game together, as management will trade one, or two to "win now" in a few years and we will watch, like we did with St. Louis, as they excel elsewhere.

    I'm happy, can't wait, but skeptical.

  2. I am excited and I have no doubts those 3 will be awesome. Now, looking how the veterans are playing so far, I believe Bennett and Gaudreau are better. However I understand that one more year in junior would not be bad to Bennett.
    Gaudreau is a different case. He can't be out of the NHL any longer. It doesn't make any sense Jones, Setoguchi, Mason, Colborne, Stajan, Bollig playing while he is off at AHL.
    I was also very executed about Granlund and I was sure he would be in the opening night until he got hurt. Sven.... I don't know about Sven. He has ups and downs from a period to another!

  3. A couple of things I noticed when comparing Bennett to McDavid. 2011/12 playing Minor Midget (on same team) Bennett 37 games 69 points, McDavid 33 games 71 points. 2012/13 both first year in OHL Bennett 60 games 40 points -2 plus/minus, McDavid 63 games 66 points -24 plus/minus. 2013/14 2nd OHL season Bennett 57 games 91 points +34, McDavid 56 games 99 points +47. World U18 Junior championships in 7 games Bennett 7 points +8 and McDavid 14 points +8 (was on line with Reinhart and Klimchuk). And even though Bennett was draft eligible a year earlier he's still just 6 months older than McDavid. I know McDavid is a "better" player but says a lot for Bennett too to have similar stats to a so called generational talent. Also interesting is Bennett, Klimchuk and McDavid have played together loads for Canada. And Bennett & McDavid played together Minor Midget age group, for a couple of years.

  4. wow....I didn't realize peeps were making comparisons of Bennett to McDangerous. Well....THAT hasn't turned out. Dare we say YET? Nah....probably not. Even HALF s good would be ok with Flames Nation. :)