Monday, July 17, 2017

FF80F Podcast: Episode 15 - Development Camp Wrap-up and Prospect Talk with Rob Kerr

Flames development has come and gone for another year and to put the final wraps on that as well as take inventory of Calgary's prospect cupboard, Sportsnet960's Rob Kerr joined me as my guest.

Looking for a little hockey talk to get you through the summer? Why settle for a little when you can have a lot.

Episode 15 - July 16, 2017  (1:25:10 running time)

0:00 - Segment 1 - Introduction
  • What it's like for beer league players to play alongside old NHL players.
  • Story behind the video below (funny cameo from Peter Maher, and no, it's not me in the thong)
  • Rock Me I'm a Dentist and Race a Little Elf on Good Rockin' tonight!

13:32 - Segment 2 - Emile Poirier
  • On the first round pick's return, which was the feel-good story of the camp.
  • It is possible for Poirier to break camp with the team?
  • Brian McGrattan's involvement and what his future might hold.

29:20 - Segment 3 - A Look at the Rest of the Forwards
  • Spencer Foo, what he is and if/when he'll arrive.
  • Andrew Mangiapane, Matthew Phillips and can their skill overcome their size
  • The prospect that might hold the keys to Sam Bennett's future.

48:46 - Segment 4 - A look at the Defence
  • How far away is Adam Fox and how good could he be?
  • Mistake prone yet young and talented. What to make of Oliver Kylington. 
  • Anecdotes and thoughts on the many others in the blue-line queue.

1:00:00 - Segment 5 - A look at the Goaltenders
  • Tyler Parsons' rapid rise and why he's so coveted.
  • Some interesting things-that-make-you-go-hmm splits from Mason McDonald 
  • Where does everyone play in 2017-18?

107:32 - Segment 6 - Listener Q&A
  • Answering questions submitted via this Tweet or this Facebook post.

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