Sunday, July 30, 2017

FF80F Podcast: Episode 16 - Offseason Moves, Opening Roster and What Could Go Wrong

As the barrage of off-season moves finally slow down, PostMedia's Kristen Odland stopped by for some hockey talk. Among the topics discussed, we looked back at what's unfolded so far, looked forward to training camp and we also contemplated what could go wrong.

Portable bluetooth speakers were meant for summer hockey podcasts. Grab yourself a cold drink, roll up the patio umbrella, sit back and enjoy!

Episode 16 - July 29, 2017  (1:26:03 running time)

0:00 - Segment 1 - Introduction
  • The impending disappearance of the Kristen Odland byline
  • Olympic hockey: Who needs Sidney Crosby when you can have Mason Raymond
  • Recalling Canada's near Miracle on Ice

7:50 - Segment 2 - Assessing Brad Treliving's 2017 Off-Season
  • Most impactful move
  • Shrewdest move
  • Biggest head-scratcher

24:24 - Segment 3 - Predicting the Opening Night Line-up
  • The battle (or more-so, non-battle) in net
  • Who will round out the blueline beyond the top five
  • Appears to be three open jobs at forward. Who gets them?

46:44 - Segment 4 - Are the 2017-18 Flames a "contender"?
  • Debating the definition of a contender
  • If Calgary is a contender, why?
  • If the Flames aren't a true contender yet, what needs to happen?

54:09 - Segment 5 - What could go wrong?
  • Kristen's three things that could sink Calgary
  • Darren counters with his own list of three things  
  • In particular, the importance of Sam Bennett

1:03:42 - Segment 6 - Listener Q&A
  • Answering some of the questions submitted via Facebook.
  • Troy Brouwer, Troy Brouwer and more Troy Brouwer
  • A great anecdote about almost-a-Flame Anton Stralman

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    1 comment:

    1. Darren listening to your last podcast I agree that Chiasson was a disappointment. Then you brought it back to the farm club, but the fact is, if players cant take the job, they shouldn’t have it.

      It seems to me that most people break the team into goal, D, and forward; I think that can be misleading as lines tend to cover needs that might be more glaring when looked at positionaly.

      I am sure most people are aware that RW is a need for the Flames. It has been for some time. Tre has been addressing the crease, and though those solutions could have played out better, the chooses he has made on paper to this point were reasonable.
      Lets hope the third time is the charm.
      The Defence looks awesome, so that just leaves the questions at forward. To see the strengths, and depth I made lists of the players that shoot left, or right, and play center, or wing seven deep. They may not all ever play in the NHL, but they are currently our best players, or prospects for each of the positions. I also tried to keep in mind their current value to the club, and project their ceiling; you, and others, might change the order, but the over all health of each position would not change.

      At center I started with Backlund, I still think he’s ahead of, Monahan, Bennett, Stajan, Jankowski, Lazar, and Dube.

      LW has Gaudreau, Tkachuk, Frolik, Ferland, Poirier, Klimchuk, and Shinkaruk.

      Finally RW, I started with Versteeg, Brouwer, Hamilton, Foo, Pribyl, Vey, and Tuulola.

      This club is not a contender as we sit today. The right wing is a disaster. I understand you can fill in guys on the off wing like Frolik, and maybe that’s a position he will play throughout his career for very similar reasons you gave concerning Brodie playing the right side; he is good enough to get away with it, but if its not ideal for the D then neither is it for the forwards. I am no hockey savant, but if I was game planning against the flames I would know exactly where not to waist resources. Where to break out, and so on. They need to turn some of the riches they have at left wing into right wingers that are noticed. I say turn because if they do get a guy for the first two lines, they are going to have guys that have been filling in there that will no longer have a position to play. At the very least they need to address the top line.

      My first chose would be Mark Stone. What do you think the coast would be?