Monday, September 04, 2017

FF80F Podcast: Episode 19 - Talking Jagr, Gulutzan and Penticton Rookie Tournament

Hockey is getting close now -- Penticton rookie tournament starts on Friday -- and to get you amped up, Flames PostMedia beat writer Wes Gilbertson stopped by Studio 29 for a chat. Wes is around the team all the time and he provides his thoughts on some of the topics of the day.

Episode 19 - September 3, 2017  (1:31:04 running time)

A segment-by-segment breakdown:

Wes Gilbertson is ready to roll at Studio 29
0:00 - Introduction
  • Explaining 'cut' and why it makes Calgary's new Phil Mickelson golf course unique
  • Back to hockey, let's talk about Jaromir Jagr

11:59 - Segment 1 - Reflecting on Glen Gulutzan's rookie season
  • Slow start should have been expected
  • Putting the 2016-17 season turnaround into historical context

26:34 - Segment 2 - Wes expands on his recent lengthy chat with Gulutzan 
  • What has Gulutzan most excited heading into this season
  • Gulutzan's 'pick to click' from a hockey pool perspective

39:08 - Segment 3 - Talking Penticton, Part 1
  • What makes the Young Stars Classic a great event
  • The kind of things that we learn from this tournament

56:52 - Segment 4 - Talking Penticton, Part 2
  • Which prospects should fans be watching
  • What are the storylines at this year's tournament

1:11:32 - Segment 5 - Listener Q&A
  • Answering listener questions submitted to this Facebook posting

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  1. One point.

    The US Thanksgiving "factor" doesn't have the same effect it once did, because the NHL brought in the two wild card teams. Prior to that, yep, that date meant a lot.

    Today? I don't think it's anywhere near as relevant.

    1. In that, eight central teams could, in theory, finish ahead of the best teams in the Pacific, and it won't matter. Three Pac teams are guaranteed to get into the post season.

    2. I've never been a big proponent of the US Thanksgiving stat so no argument from me if you say it's not as relevant now as it used to be.

    3. And you could have called me on the *eight* Central teams (as it is seven) but you were polite enough to ignore it. I really do enjoy your podcasts (especially in the summer) when it's two hours of Rome and then an hour of baseball talk. I actually re-listened to a podcast you did with Lou a few weeks back that I think was initially done last summer? Cheers!