Monday, October 09, 2017

FF80F Podcast: Episode 20 - 2017-18 Preview with Steinberg Including Bold Predictions

Hockey is getting close now -- Penticton rookie tournament starts on Friday -- and to get you amped up, Flames PostMedia beat writer Wes Gilbertson stopped by Studio 29 for a chat. Wes is around the team all the time and he provides his thoughts on some of the topics of the day.

Episode 20 - October 7, 2017  (1:27:23 running time)

A segment-by-segment breakdown:

0:00 - Introduction
  • 'Nerdy' Pat talks about his fake radio show as a kid and how he got into the biz
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13:15 - Segment 1 - Line-up Discussion
  • Now that Jagr has arrived, where does he slot and why
  • How might the lines evolve for the better over the season 

31:57 - Segment 2 - Bold Predictions 
  • Thoughts on goaltending and what might unfold
  • Season expectations for the Flames

Early morning at the 80-Feet Saddledome Studio
44:54 - Segment 3 - Over-Under
  • Points for Bennett, games for Jankowski
  • Gaudreau's finish in scoring race, healthy scratches for Brouwer

58:02 - Segment 4 - What-if Injury Scenarios
  • How might the roster evolve with losses at various positions
  • What if Giordano gets hurt? What about Hamonic? Smith?

1:09:25 - Segment 5 - Listener Q&A
  • Answering listener questions submitted to this Facebook posting

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  1. Enjoyed the podcast and the Flames win in Anaheim. Except Brouwer was prominent in the game highlights for too many reasons: a couple giveaways, a couple tap-ins that he missed on that should have been gimeys and way too much ice time! I have been a Flames fan since 1984 and this is the first time I think the team has the horses to go deep into the playoffs, but this coach refuses to ice all the horses, instead he chooses to play players like Brouwer and Glass instead of Jankowski.