Radio Appearances

During the hockey season, I am a sometimes guest on Calgary's Sportsnet960 radio as we talk about the latest goings-on with the Flames. That's where a majority of the appearances are.

However, where noted, I've also shown up on TSN 1290 in Winnipeg, TSN 1260 in Edmonton, TSN 1040 in Vancouver and Sirius-XM's NHL Network Radio. If the replay is available and this isn't always the case, I try to archive them here for anyone interested, who might have missed it.


To hear the voice behind the words, here are my latest radio appearances and/or podcasts:

Tuesday, Jan 16 - Listen Now (duration 10:00, segment begins at 20:00)
TSN 1040, Vancouver
  • Reflecting on the Glen Gulutzan stick toss
  • Reasons why the team playing so well
  • About Mike Smith
  • How good has Johnny Gaudreau been
  • Is a trade possible to address special teams needs

Monday, Oct 30 - Listen Now (duration 11:57)
Sportsnet 960, Calgary
  • Is it time to tweak the personnel on the power play
  • Why Hamonic played with Giordano on the PK on Sunday
  • What is the right move to make with Jagr coming off the IR

Thursday, Sept 14 - Listen Now (duration 14:40)
Sportsnet 960, Calgary
  • Recapping the best performances from Penticton
  • Storylines coming into training camp

Friday, August 4 - Listen Now (duration 23:12)
Sportsnet 960, Calgary
  • Talking Mikael Backlund and what a contract extension might look like
  • Related to that, discussing Sam Bennett, who needs a new contract right now
  • Are the Flames done with their off-season moves?

Monday, July 10 - Listen Now (duration 22:10)
Sportsnet 960, Calgary
  • Who stood out in the development camp scrimmage
  • Other takeaways from the camp
  • Discussing the Micheal Ferland arbitration case situation

Wednesday, July 5 - Listen Now (duration 20:12)
Sportsnet 960, Calgary
  • Looking ahead to development camp and why the format has evolved
  • Players to watch at this year's camp

Monday, April 10 - Listen Now (duration 19:13)
Sportsnet 960, Calgary
  • My experience visiting the the Honda Center last week
  • A couple storylines of note with the Flames-Ducks series
  • The caveat to remember when talking about 'the streak'
  • Line-up expectations (might they insert Curtis Lazar)
  • How are the teams looking health-wise
  • Series prediction

Thursday, March 9 - Listen Now (duration 17:46)
Sportsnet 960, Calgary
  • Memories of Flames and Habs
  • Chase for home-ice advantage and the rarity that has been
  • Odds of a Calgary-Edmonton playoff series actually happening
  • What's been the key variables in the 'the streak'
  • Curtis Lazar and what to expect (and when to expect it)
  • Arguing about Troy Brouwer

Thursday, February 16 - Listen Now (duration 23:54)
Sportsnet 960, Calgary
  • Who is the new No. 1 top prospect in my new mid-season rankings
  • Explaining why Tyler Parsons has passed Jon Gillies
  • Debating the order of the defencemen
  • What about the Calgary kids -- Morgan Klimchuk and Hunter Shinkaruk
  • Any other less-known names to be on the look-out for

    Friday, January 20 - Listen Now (duration 11:45)
    Sportsnet 960, Calgary
    • Dissecting a lethargic effort on home ice in a 4-3 loss to Nashville.
    • Why the Flames do not meet the definition of being a good team.
    • What players should Calgary be trying to ship out at the trade deadline.
    • The deceiving standings and what it means for Calgary.
    • What's wrong with Johnny Gaudreau?
    • State of the goaltending, looking ahead to next year.

    Tuesday, January 10 - Listen Now (duration 17:36)
    Sportsnet 960, Calgary
    • Dissecting a meh effort by the Flames in Winnipeg
    • What to make of this team lately as they pile up wins versus bad teams only
    • Should the Flames be active at the trade deadline? Buyers or sellers?
    • Thoughts on the struggling Sean Monahan
    • Is it time to tweak the forward lines? How?
    • Danger awaits if Gaudreau and Monahan don't get going
    • Kulak or Wotherspoon: Is one ahead of the other?
    • 2017 NHL All-Star Game: Who will be named to represent Calgary?

    Monday, January 9 - Listen Now (starts at 8:15, duration 11:15)
    TSN 1290, Winnipeg
    • How have the Flames turned their season around after a poor start
    • Getting offence by committee
    • Contributions of ex-Jet Michael Frolik
    • On Matthew Tkachuk and his impactful rookie season
    • Goalie talk: What's the latest in Johnson vs. Elliott
    • Mid-season review: Is Calgary where they should be?

    Tuesday, December 27 - Listen Now (duration 17:02)
    • Reflecting on Flames win over Vancouver heading into the Christmas break
    • Soft schedule coming up and realistic expectations
    • If Troy Brouwer can't play, what impact does that have
    • Brian Elliott's recent work and how to use him going forward
    • What to expect from Colorado and are they as bad they appear

    Friday, December 23 - Listen Now (starts at 8:15, duration 12:00)
    TSN 1040, Vancouver
    • On Glen Gulutzan's impact so far and the change from Bob Hartley
    • The improving power play, what's changed and what the secret has been
    • Assessing the goaltending usage so far and the state of the crease
    • How is Matthew Tkachuk working
    • On ex-Canucks Linden Vey and Hunter Shinkaruk and their status

    Wednesday, December 21 - Listen Now (duration 16:28)
    • Thoughts on the two-game road trip
    • On Garnet Hathaway's importance (or is he important?)
    • Who should get the start in net on Friday
    • What to make of this team considering the up and down season
    • What the Flames need to do with this next e-game 'soft' stretch of the season 
    • Tyler Wotherspoon and will he ever draw into the line-up?

    Tuesday, November 29 - Listen Now (duration 18:21)
    • Was the 3-2-1 road trip a good one or bad
    • Dougie Hamilton, poster child for an eye-test vs analytics debate
    • Flames usage of analytics and where does Glen Gulutzan stand
    • Mark Jankowski's debut and what in hindsight is a weak 2012 draft class

    Monday, November 7 - Listen Now (starts at 17:10, duration 12:20)
    • Was the road trip actually as bad as It seems
    • How many wins was realistic going into Chi, SJ, LA, Ana
    • Overall, have the expectations been too high considering the schedule
    • How many wins, realistically, should they have right now
    • An interesting note about practices
    • Other issues to keep in mind what assessing the performance so far

    Monday, October 31 - Listen Now (starts at 14:00, duration 17:55)
    • What to make of the first nine games 
    • What's ailing the Flames at home
    • Debating the D pairings and why they separated Brodie-Giordano 
    • What's wrong with the PP? Ditto the PK.
    • Stay with Chiasson or try someone else on top line?

    Monday, October 17 - Listen Now (duration 10:19)
    • What to make of the miserable 0-2-1 start to the season 
    • Distinguishing a bad start from a bad weekend
    • Plenty of time to turn ship around but urgency needed
    • What have we learned so far about Glen Gulutzan
    • Silver linings
    • How I would approach Tuesday's line-up if I was the coach

    Monday, September 26 - Listen Now (duration 16:05)
    • Talking all things Flames training camp so far
    • Who is on the bubble
    • Where are the battles
    • Which of the PTOs might sign 
    • Why a Russell signing would make sense
    • Gaudreau contract situation/timeline
    • Could Calgary survive no Gaudreau to start the season

    Monday, August 29 - Listen Now (duration 21:19)
    • All things Johnny Gaudreau contract:
    • Why are the negotiations taking so long?
    • What can he realistically ask for?
    • Is there a possibility of a short-term deal?
    • My prediction for money and term
    • Will it get signed before the start of the World Cup

    Thursday, August 17 - Listen Now (duration 30:50)
    • Thoughts on how the Olympics have gone for Canada
    • Who is the greatest Olympian -- Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt
    • Is Daniel Alfredsson a hall-of-famer
    • What's next for Patrick Roy
    • Intricacies of the Tyler Wotherspoon signing (My related story)
    • Could Kris Russell end up back in the Flames D picture
    • Gaudreau-Monahan status and is time to worry yet
    • Where does Freddie Hamilton fit in
    • Where will Jimmy Vesey land and will he live up to the hype

    Monday, July 25 - Listen Now (duration 14:51)
    • Out this Wednesday, my latest Flames top 20 prospect rankings
    • History of the bi-annual (January, July) prospect rankings
    • Refresher on my criteria for what defines a "prospect"
    • Thought process in building the list, balancing impact versus ETA
    • In hindsight, nny regrettable ranking decisions in the past
    • What circumstances makes for the toughest decisions
    • Guarding against a recency bias from the latest draft

    Monday, July 4 - Listen Now (duration 17:07)
    • Takeaways from a busy free agent weekend for the Flames
    • Troy Brouwer and what he brings  (My related story - Part 1)
    • Chad Johnson's quest to shed label (My related story - Part 2)
    • What are the Flames other positional needs as free agency continues
    • Players to watch at development camp (My related story)
    • Straight talk on if Mark Jankowski can make the team

    Monday, June 27 - Listen Now (duration 22:43)
    • Examining the unexpected way the top five picks unfolded
    • Tkachuk and why he was the near-perfect pick (My related story)
    • Debating if second pairing D is next shopping priority for the GM
    • Contemplating the short and long-term future for Joni Ortio
    • What makes Brian Elliott an ideal fit (My related story)
    • Of Flames 13 RFAs, debating who gets qualified and who will not

    Monday, June 20 - Listen Now (duration 19:08)
    • Thoughts on the Glen Gulutzan hiring and his refreshing approach
    • What makes Calder Cup-winning Jared Bednar an intriguing asst coach candidate
    • Other assistant/associate coach possibilities
    • Will the Flames pick at No. 6, or might they move up or down
    • Expansion draft rules and will Jon Gillies will be exempt or not 
    • Revisiting the Flames buyout candidates and will they or won't they

    Monday, June 13 - Listen Now (duration 20:10)
    • Observations from Pittsburgh's Stanley Cup victory
    • What made Penguins successful and can it be a blueprint to follow
    • What David Rattich signing might mean for Joni Ortio? (My related story)
    • The appeal of a swap of MA Fleury for Wideman + 2nd rounder
    • Hockey season is over but activity in Calgary just getting going

    Monday, June 6 - Listen Now (duration 15:15)

    Monday, May 30 - Listen Now (duration 20:40)
    • Latest piece: Beyond the stats for Klimchuk, Shinkaruk, Poirier
    • Last NHL team to trade up into the top five in the draft
    • Why Kirk Muller would be a worthy head coach candidate
    • Who was the biggest Flames World Cup snub
    • Is the World Cup a legit international event or a gimmick
    • Come World Cup time, hotly debating who Flames fans will support

    Tuesday, May 24 - Listen Now (duration 19:45)
    • Thoughts on the two conference finals
    • What to make of St. Louis/Pittsburgh goalie situations
    • Discussing my look at five Flames vets in risk of being bought out
    • Could Raymond re-start his career with a different coach?
    • Why trading Wideman is preferred versus a buyout
    • Risks of saddling your team with buyout penalties in future seasons

    Monday, May 16 - Listen Now (duration 23:58)
    • Thoughts/numbers on game-stealing play of Elliott
    • What to expect from Vasilevskiy
    • Is Pittsburgh close to switching to Fleury
    • Pressure building on Crosby and Malkin
    • Stamkos' short and long-term future 
    • Thoughts on the Blues-Sharks match-up
    • More on my San Jose-Calgary comparison piece
    • Impact adding a new coach and No. 1 goalie can have
    • What is Treliving's biggest priority right now

    Monday, May 9 - Listen Now (duration 25:20)
    • Would Marc-Andre Fleury or Frederik Andersen cost more?
    • Why three years remaining for Fleury is the ideal term
    • What other teams need goalies?
    • Are Elliott and Bishop off the market now?
    • Three categories of coaches available
    • More on Dineen, Muller and Gulutzan
    • Is a younger, fresher coach a better fit for Calgary

    Tuesday, May 3 - Listen Now (duration 12:42)
    (Guest spot with Rick Ralph on TSN1290 in Winnipeg, talking Bob Hartley)
    • Initial reaction to the firing of coach Bob Hartley
    • Summing up what went wrong
    • Could a new coach turn around the Flames quickly
    • What kind of coach would Calgary be looking for
    • Was more expected from Dougie Hamilton
    • What else is on Brad Treliving's summer to-do list
    • How might Calgary address its goaltending situation

    Monday, May 2 - Listen Now (duration 24:25)
    • Revisiting Saturday night's draft lottery
    • What calibre of player can the Flames get at No. 6
    • More on Tkachuk, Dubois, Nylander
    • Odds of Calgary taking a defenceman
    • Risks in drafting a defenceman
    • Latest learnings about Daniel Pribyl

    Tuesday, April 19 - Listen Now (duration 18:42)
    (On a different day this week due to Monday's Blue Jays game in Boston)
    • About the expected Daniel Pribyl signing
    • Comparing Pribyl's situation to Nakladal last year
    • Comparing Pribyl's situation to the Cervenka experiment 
    • Thoughts on Jonas Hiller signing in Switzerland
    • Reppin' the 2015 draft, Calgary's Barrie Colts kids still rolling
    • About Rasmus Andersson and his bright future
    • On the 2016 playoffs -- Stars and Predators in particular

    Monday, April 11 - Listen Now (duration 15:25)
    • Impressions of Oliver Kylington's debut
    • What we want to learn at locker clean-out day
    • What to make of team/player success in meaningless games
    • Digging deeper into the Joe Colborne conundrum
    • RFAs that may not be returning
    • What goes on at locker clean-out day

    Monday, April 4 - Listen Now (duration 21:11)
    • Debriefing the Flames 5-0 win in Edmonton
    • What exactly is wrong with the Oilers
    • The sad state of the Battle of Alberta
    • What to make of Calgary's better play lately
    • Can they Flames shed any of their bad contracts
    • Any chance Calgary can lose their final three games?
    • Draft lottery, what could happen, and trying out the lottery simulator

    Wednesday, March 30 - Listen Now (begins at 7:25, duration 15:55)
    (Guest spot on Hockey Central at Noon with Pat Steinberg)
    • Talking about the Mark Jankowski signing
    • Will they/won't they sign John Gilmour
    • Thoughts on Brandon Hickey

    Monday, March 28 - Listen Now (duration 19:06)
    • Recapping Brad Treliving's work at the trade deadline
    • Can the draft picks acquired be leveraged to acquire a goalie
    • First impressions of Jyrki Jokipakka and Garnet Hathaway
    • What to do now and in the future with RW on the top line
    • Talking all things Mark Jankowski
    • Contemplating the future and time line for John Gilmour and Brandon Hickey

    Monday, March 21 - Listen Now (duration: 16:18)
    • Dissecting the Flames recent improved play and why now
    • What to make of Niklas Backstrom
    • Contemplating Calgary's goalie usage this road trip
    • The play of the new guys on the blueline
    • What are we learning about Joe Colborne
    • My new Sean Monahan piece and the impressive start to his career. 

    Monday, March 14 - Listen Now (duration: 18:05)
    • Kenny Agostino's opportunity
    • Jakub Nakladal's adjustment to North America
    • Wideman's return
    • Wotherspoon's NHL body of work
    • Backlund thriving
    • What to expect from the Blues
    • Can this version of St. Louis get in done in the playoffs

    Monday, March 7 - Listen Now (duration: 17:36)
    • Recapping Flames win over Pittsburgh
    • Joni Ortio and his future
    • Mikael Backlund's hot streak
    • Lance Bouma's tough season
    • What to watch for over the remainder of the season
    • Discussing potential AHL call-ups

    Tuesday, March 1 - Listen Now (duration: 14:24) *Post-Trade Deadline
    • Analyzing the Kris Russell trade
    • What to expect from Jyrki Jokipakka
    • What Garnet Hathaway might bring to the line-up
    • Talking about Josh Jooris
    • Who has something to prove over the final 20 games

    Monday, February 22 - Listen Now (duration: 19:07)
    • Why the struggles in Anaheim and how to rectify
    • Talking about Micheal Ferland 
    • Why won't they play Joni Ortio?
    • Discussing part 1 of my two-part series on the state of the Flames goaltending
    • Early reviews on Jakub Nakladal and where he could fit in the future
    • Prospects in the minors I'm interested to see get a chance

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